Thursday, January 13, 2011

Efficiency of Your Furnace Flame

Contibuted by: Denver Furnace Repair

Contemporary furnaces are a lot additional complex than just burning gas and air. To function effectively, your furnace regulates the air-fuel mixture. As the rates for fuel increases, the efficiency of the burn becomes additional critical. Natural gas is a light fuel that really should burn blue. A yellow flame in a natural gas furnace probably usually means that it is not finding sufficient air. Other widespread challenges with furnace flames are flames that flicker or roll out. An adjustment to your furnace will be needed in most situations. The analysis tells your Denver HVAC technician the temperature as nicely as the levels of carbon dioxide, monoxide, and oxygen given off by the flame.

Carbon monoxide can lead to headaches, nausea and even death. A dirty burning furnace can have other toxic byproducts as nicely. Your Denver furnace repair company will need to do a furnace draft test to make certain your furnace is not leaking exhaust into your house.

I suggest all homes have a carbon monoxide detector installed to defend the occupants from this invisible, smell-much less gas. Carbon monoxide poisoning is no joke and long term exposure can cause brain damage. Carbon monoxide essentially replaces oxygen in your blood and starves your brain of oxygen. If the predicament with your furnace flame is the gas level and not the air mixture, your HVAC guy should do a gas pressure test.